With the gold market taking the world by surprise this year hitting a new all-time high close to $2,000 before pulling back, one of the most important interviews of 2020 has just been released with Michael Oliver, the man who is well known for his deadly accurate forecasts on stocks, bonds, and major markets.

Michael Oliver’s KWN audio interview discussing what to expect next in the gold and silver markets as well as the mining socks has now been released!

Downside In Silver Would Be Brief & Sharp, Over In A Day Or Two
July 30 (King World News)
Michael Oliver at MSA:  We shifted our emphasis to silver when it went through $19.48 two weeks ago.  We thought silver would then outperform gold.  It has.  We thought the silver thrust would get the price up to $25 before there was any downside.  We got it and silver even traded a bit higher.  We thought the downside would be brief and sharp and be over in a day or two.  That looks to be the case.

No Correction For Gold Until Price Hits At Least $2,100
Our expectation for gold is that it probably won’t get any serious wobble until the price gets to at least $2,100.  But realistically we are looking for at least $2,600-$2,900 by the end of this year.  We thought that silver would be $30 at that point but we changed our mind.  We don’t know where silver might be when gold gets into that high $2,000s zone.  We suspect silver will be way up into the $30s.

Miners Shift To Outperform: Junior Gold Miners About To Overtake Majors
The miners are shifting to outperform vs gold.  Therefore our emphasis is you’ve got to watch gold, but the better place to be is in silver and gold miners, rather than gold.  
The junior gold miners look like they are about to overtake the major gold miners in terms of relative performance.  This indicates to us that rather than fund managers who have to be conservative, and therefore they buy the bigger miners, now you have money coming in from other investors who are willing to risk buying the junior miners.  It indicates a wider audience is now moving into the gold mining sector, not just the large asset managers.

So I think now is the time that you do not worry about corrections.  It’s been inappropriate to worry about corrections for the last year or so anyway, but now is certainly not the time to be always worried about corrections.  You must be positioned.  This move is going to be massive and it’s going to be over the next year or so to levels that frankly we can’t predict.”

Splitting Into 3 Companies!
Ivan Bebek:  In an effort to unlock considerable value for shareholders, we have decided to split our shares into 3 because we strongly believe our share price is significantly undervalued.

Former Agnico Eagle Exec To Lead Canada!
In Canada, our high-grade gold assets have attracted an incredible CEO, Michael Timmins, who was formerly the VP of Corporate Development at Agnico Eagle. Michael is someone we strongly believe will achieve the mandate for building a major Canadian mining company. To make the spinoff even more attractive for shareholders, we are acquiring a mining asset that was grossly undervalued and plan to conduct 50 kilometers of resource expansion drilling that will start this fall if the deal completes. 50 kilometers of drilling will be a massive driver for share price returns.

If You Buy Today, This Is What You Could Get
Each Auryn shareholder will receive approximately .7 shares of Fury Gold Mines, 1 full share for Sombrero, which is arguably one of the largest copper district discovery opportunities globally, and 1 full share for Curibaya, which so far has impressed everyone with multi-kilo silver in several areas over a 4 square kilometer zone. We estimate the Copper and Silver shares will trade later this year or early next year as we receive permits and expose multiple new opportunities to make the world class discoveries we are after.

That is 2.7 shares for each share that you buy prior to the record date that will take place after the vote in September. So you would get 3 shots at world class discoveries in one of the most robust bull markets for commodities we will see in our lifetime. This is the single best investment opportunity we could have created as executives and large insider owners for our shareholders at the forefront of one of the most robust bull markets in history.

A Message from Mike Timmins, Former VP of Corporate Development at Agnico Eagle And New President & CEO of Fury Gold:
“I am excited by this new opportunity presented by Fury Gold. The Transaction reflects Auryn’s long-term strategy of acquiring promising, early-stage gold projects and leveraging a broad range of technical skill sets to add value through focused exploration and development. I look forward to leading a team of experienced and talented professionals that are capable of taking big steps to drive growth.” Auryn Resources, symbol AUG in the US and Canada.

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