Gold had a historic upside breakout many weeks ago, but now silver just had its historic upside breakout as well. So the party is just getting started in the metals markets. Plus look at the shocking US interest payments on their growing debt.

Gold & Silver’s Historic Breakouts
May 13 (King World News) – Graddhy out of Sweden:  Been saying for 18 weeks that gold has a quarterly breakout.

Now also silver has a quarterly breakout.

And, the combined gold & silver vehicle CEF here has also broken out. Plus, it has a massive cup & handle.

This Is A Massive 13 Year Cup & Handle Breakout

The breakouts mean the secular bull market is resuming.

Also means the 3rd and final bull phase has started.

Plus, the breakouts mark the start of a new inflationary wave.

A true lifetime opportunity, and threat. Do play this mega bull right…

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Graddhy out of Sweden:  Silver is in breakout-mode. Next level to be taken out is $30 level.

After Silver Breaks $30 Next Target = $50

There has never been a bigger opportunity. Or threat.

King World News note:  After silver breaks above $30, the next target will be the previous all-time high of $50. After silver breaks above the all-time high it will trade well over $100. Gold will be trading thousands of dollars higher eventually, but silver will outperform on the upside. Owning high-quality mining and exploration stocks will create an even greater upside performance vs gold and silver.

Shocking US Interest Payments On Debt
Peter Boockvar:
  Ahead of the inflation stats this week, the response of interest rates and with a spotlight on the deteriorating US government finances, my friend Barry Knapp in his weekly Ironsides Macroeconomics piece highlighted the scary trends. From the CBO’s Monthly Budget Review which came out last week, and for the longer run outlook, “Spending is running +6%, with social security +9%, Medicare +10% and refundable tax credits, primarily due to the expansion of Obamacare eligibility, also up 10% year-to-date from a year ago. These three categories account for 36% of year-to-date outlays. More shockingly, interest on the debt increased 42% year-to-date and has passed Medicare, Medicaid and Defense spending in total size.” I bolded for emphasis. 

I know we all debate whether this all matters because for the last 40 years when debts and deficits started getting more attention it didn’t matter. As I believe the 40 yr bond bull market ended a few years ago with the euphoric peak in December 2020 when there was $18.38 Trillion of negative yielding securities, and a bond bear market began soon after, I think this all matters now, especially since we still rely on the kindness of strangers in buying US Treasuries. By the way, there are now zero bonds in the world that have a negative yield, post the BoJ rate hike, good riddance.

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