With the gold market taking the world by surprise this year and briefly breaking above $1,800, one of the most important interviews of 2020 has just been released with Michael Oliver, the man who is well known for his deadly accurate forecasts on stocks, bonds, and major markets.

One Of The Most Important Interviews Of 2020
July 4 (King World News) – Michael Oliver at MSA:  “I don’t know where the ultimate price level is going to be for the precious metals.  I think we’re headed for an economic crisis that’s not normal.  I think it’s the final exclamation crisis that’s actually been bubbling under the surface for the past few decades, especially for the last 11-12 years since the 2008-2009 debacle.  And it’s been exaggerated because every time the market wants to cleanse itself, asset categories want to cleanse themselves, whether it’s real estate or the banking system or the stock market — the central banks come in and put a big bandaid on it and inject drugs (cocaine QE stimulus) and prolong or displace the potential cleansing that might have otherwise occurred, where bad investments are liquidated fully. 

$10,000-$100,000 Gold
Instead they come in and rescue them.  Right now that is exactly what the Fed is doing to the max.  They are buying sub-quality corporate debt outright.  Then you have the Bank of Japan that is the largest shareholder of the Nikkei, etc, etc.  So there’s been a lot of distortion, and when this comes unraveled in many different asset categories — some will go down, some will go up — I think the cleaning will be so serious that I can’t predict where gold might be.  $10,000, $100,000, I really don’t know.  I will say this though…to continue listening to one of the most important interview of 2020 click here or on the image below.

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