On the heels of continued wild trading in global markets, here is a look at one hell of a spike and one hell of a collapse!

March 26 (King World News) – Peter Boockvar:  Initial jobless claims totaled 3.28mm, almost double what was expected and at the upper end of the broad range. Let’s be honest though, the estimates were really a shot in the dark even with some state info that economists had. As said earlier, fortunately those filing will have the term extended to 39 weeks from 26 weeks if needed and they will receive an additional $600 per week.

This Is One Hell Of A Spike!

Bottom line, we all know the pain being felt and the economic damage being caused by this damn virus but because we are so close to getting past the worst of the spread, we need to start getting creative about what the restart will look like. After 9/11 we had to adjust our lives. We had to go thru more security at the airport, we had to show ID at the lobby of a building and we had to walk thru many more metal detectors. Life again will change in its own ways but we will adjust while at the same time doing our best to limit the spread and rebuilding the healthcare system in its attempt to help those most affected.

German consumer confidence fell down to 2.7 from 8.3 and no need to explain why.

And This Is One Hell Of A Collapse!

Bullion Banks Squeezed In Gold
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 In “Yesterday’s Sh*t-show,” Yes, Bullion Banks Got Squeezed In The Gold Market 

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