Today Lord Christopher Monckton warned King World News that we are now only months away from a totalitarian one world government.  He also discussed when and where the implementation of the one world government is to take place as well as the timeline for humanity to put a stop to this.  

Eric King:  “Are central planners going to be able to implement this great (climate change) tax on humanity?”

Lord Monckton:  “It’s a race now.  This is still being driven by what I call ‘The Climate Communists’ — the extremists who hate the West and want to shut us down.  That’s what this climate thing is really about.  It’s got nothing to do with the climate at all.  And so it’s a race now….

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“So unfortunately what we’ve got here for the first time on a global scale is a conspiracy of the governing class, worldwide, against the governed.

So I think what we are now facing is the nightmare that every lover of freedom has dreaded — that the worldwide governing class would find an excuse to gang up together against the people’s interest, against liberty, against democracy, against prosperity, against capitalism, against every form of the freedoms which we have for too long and too dangerously taken for granted.

KWN Monckton II 1:9:2015

We are now months away from the first and fatal step towards establishing an unelected global government of the largest fraud ever perpetrated on mankind — the climate fraud.   And we are very, very close to losing everything that the Founding Fathers of America thought they had won.

Horrifying Fate For Mankind

Somehow in the next few months we have to wake the world up, get it to come off the Kool-Aid and realize that if freedom is to survive, if we are not to descend into the tyranny that every science fiction writer has always thought would be the fate of mankind, then we must stand up now and fight for our freedom.  We must fight against the lies that are being peddled by a small handful of scientists who are politically motivated and not motivated by science at all.  

We really do have to save the planet, but in an entirely different way, from those who told us falsely that the planet is at risk as a result of the West burning fossil fuels.  It is not at risk.  It never was.  It never will be.  And we must put a stop to the political grinding structure that could so easily turn into a global government at Paris this December unless we stop them.” KWN has now released Lord Christopher Monckton's extraordinary audio interview where he discusses an amazing story about what occurred in Russia, the coming move toward a one world government and much more and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

King World News - Lord Christopher Monckton - MP3

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