China’s central bank makes big bet as defaults begin, global bond bubble continues to inflate, plus the big squeeze on state and local government employment.

China’s Big Defaults Begin
July 20 (
King World News) – Emma Muhleman, Analyst & Global Macro Strategist:  “China Minsheng Investment group defaults on $500mm worth of external debt, a first of its kind and another symptom of the cracks (gaping holes) in China’s financial system. Foreign Investors (and foreign investors in China / Global bond funds beware).”

China’s Central Bank (PBOC) Makes Big Bet
Jeff Snider at Alhambra Partners: 
“The PBOC is making an enormous (& involuntary) bet with its balance sheet. Really doesn’t have any other option. It’s the same thing as in the spring & summer of 2015. (See charts below).

PBOC Made Huge Bets With Its Balance Sheet In Spring & Summer Of 2015

TODAY: Once Again China’s Central Bank Making Enormous Bet With Its Balance Sheet

The Big Squeeze On State & Local Governments
Adam Tooze: 
“The squeeze on state and local government finances in the US is starkly visible in their sharply falling share of employment since 2009. (See chart below).

THE BIG SQUEEZE: State & Local Government Employment Plunging

CAUTION: Global Bond Bubble Continues To Inflate
Holger Zschaepitz:
  “Bond bubble continues to inflate w/value of global bonds hit fresh high at $55 trillion. Rally driven by number of Central Bank rate cuts together with perceived Fed dovishness despite better data. Eurozone bonds gained by report ECB is studying dovish symmetrical inflation target around 2%. (See chart below).

CAUTION: Global Bond Bubble Continues To Inflate Hitting Fresh High At $55 Trillion!

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