Nomi Prins, who meets with people from the Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank, foreign central banks and high-raking government officials across the globe, just warned chaos is definitely the order of the world right now and this permanent distortion, that is our new reality.

October 4 (King World News) – Nomi Prins:  “Chaos is definitely the order of the world right now. And it’s basically been that way for a bit but it’s moving towards the next level. And from an economic perspective, from the perspective of the disconnect between what happens in the real economy, what happens in financial asset markets, in the stock market, the bond market, debt markets, etc, there is what I call permanent distortion.

It started with all of the money that the Fed injected into the markets effectively, into the banking system, the last crisis. And they’ve ratcheted all of that up this crisis. But it’s not just the Fed, it’s the central banks globally. And it’s not just the major countries central banks, it’s the emerging market countries central banks. And that has an impact on how everything else evolves around money. … All of these things that happen as a result of this disconnect, this permanent distortion, that is now our reality…this is an incredibly powerful audio interview with Nomi Prins discussing everything from gold and major markets to the similarities between what we are seeing today vs the 1970s and you can listen to it by clicking here or on the image below.

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