US dollar dips as Dow surges, but no need to worry about gold, silver to break key upside level, consumers paying off debt, plus…now that’s a collapse.

Silver To Break Key Upside Level
September 9 (King World News) – James Turk:
  Failure to hurdle #1 has led Dec silver to test $26 support which so far has held. Gold has held support above $1,900. With Fed’s higher inflation targets coming, it’s reasonable to expect higher precious metal prices after Fed meeting and silver taking another shot at hurdle #1 (see chart below).

Look For Silver To Break Hurdle #1 Shortly

No Need To Worry About Gold
Fred Hickey:
  “Maybe (Tuesday’s) action will put the worrywarts at ease – those who have been concerned if stocks get smashed – so will gold miners. Gold and miners hit hard in AM but rallied rest of day (again-persistent demand). With a strong $. Major miners closed UP while stock market closed on lows.”…

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Consumers Paying Off Debt
The Daily Shot:
  US credit card balances are down substantially from a year ago. (See below).

Credit Card Balances Collapse Close To 2010 Levels

Now That’s A Collapse
The Daily Shot: 
Demand for office space has collapsed. (See below).

Breaking Off The Needle To The Downside (ZERO) As Commercial Estate Demand Collapses

Multi-Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price – We Will See A “Coup” In The U.S.
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