On the heels of yesterday’s wild trading, today James Turk told King World News exactly what level will create a major breakout in the silver market.

“Silver Is Flirting With It”
May 13 (
King World News
) – 
James Turk:  “I’ve been watching this downtrend line in silver for weeks (see chart below).

Surge Above This Level Creates A Major Silver Breakout!

Silver is flirting with it. 

Gold won’t go far without silver following gold higher. I don’t think silver can drag gold lower, given all the positive factors driving gold. It’s just that this time around, gold (and Bitcoin) are leading instead of silver, even though silver usually does lead…

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I think this is because silver has been so badly beaten up since its 2011 peak that it is off everyone’s radar. So the gold/silver ratio yesterday touched 88, meaning that silver is even more undervalued than gold. Put another way, silver has some catching up to do, which should be spectacular when the market wakes up to the opportunity this other precious metal has to offer.”

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