Multi-Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price said President Trump may use the US Military to remain in power and declare himself winner of the election.

December 3 (King World News) – Multi-Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price:  A logical analysis of daily action in the NY gold market reveals constant intervention by the US/British banking Mafia, to drive the price of gold down: a free-market price of gold would have the undesirable consequence of revealing the worthlessness of the US Dollar, which cannot be allowed to happen, as the US Dollar underpins the worth of the currencies of the rest of the World. 

In an authentic free market, most buyers of gold want to obtain as much gold as possible,  in exchange for the currency they tender in payment. Therefore, most rises in the price of gold take place slowly; however, some buyers of gold wish to obtain as much gold as possible, at any price and as soon as possible, and this causes swift, nearly vertical rises in the price of gold as registered on the graphs. 

However, the World does not have an authentic free market for gold. There are banking  entities that work hand in hand with the Central Banks of Britain and the US, to control the price of gold, by preventing its price from rising, or by bringing  its price down to discourage owners and prospective owners from investing in gold 

A tell-tale sign of Official Intervention in the gold market are the swift collapses in the price of gold which take place frequently. Unofficial, “bona-fide” sellers of gold wish to maximize their Dollar profits when they sell their gold – they do not “unload” their gold on the Market, all at once.    

The Official sellers of gold do not care about “maximizing their Dollar profit”. They are interested in only one thing: to bring down the price of gold as fast as possible, in order to scare away potential investors and “flush out” weak hands. Thus, the tell-tale signs of Intervention appear in the the daily graphs of the price of gold, as near vertical falls in the price of gold.

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…Official intervention presents itself, as clear as day, at 8 a.m., when the price of gold is $1803, and gold is driven directly – and unprofitably – to $1775 from about 8 a.m to 9 a.m. 

Further comment 

As of November 30, at 3:47 p.m. NY Time, the price of gold stood at $1780. 

TPTB have successfully driven the price of gold down $220 Dollars, from $2,000 to $1780: down a neat 11%. 

Whether the price will now rise, or will be driven further down, remains to be seen. 

The problem for the “Controllers” is that the lower the price of gold goes, the more attractive it appears to buyers! At $1780, the buyer gets 12.35% more gold than he did at $2,000. A true bargain! 

If we put gold alongside the present political context in the US: 

a) There are rumors that President Trump is not going to concede the electoral victory to Biden. That he is going to take very ugly measures against his political enemies and that he is going to reject the results of the recent election, declare himself the winner and remain in Power with the consent and support of the Military – the social group that has time and again, all over the world, exerted its power for the resolution of conflicts. 

b) If Biden does obtain the Presidency of the US, the Democratic Party is the Party for Spending, and given the present deplorable financial condition of the US, that would further erode the value of the Dollar. 

Stay tuned!

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