With economies around the globe completely devastated, today multi-billionaire Hugo Salinas Price issued this dire warning to the world.

February 10 (King World News) – Multi-Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price:  In ages past, gold and silver provided humanity with a system of economic co-operation among productive humans, which was fair to all participants. 

With gold and silver, humans were trading value-for-value: what changed hands were amounts of physical gold or silver, or at least, Bills which were unquestioned claims upon gold or silver. 

When the exchange had taken place, everyone was happy! The seller because he had gold or silver, in exchange for the goods or services he offered; and the buyer was pleased because he had the goods or services he wanted, and he got them by tendering gold or silver in exchange. 

So, everyone was pleased: the buyer because he got the goods or services he wanted, in exchange for his gold or silver; and the seller was pleased because he traded the goods or services he had to offer, tor gold or silver. 

Under the present monetary system, there can be no justice or “fair trading”, because all the World’s MONEY IS FAKE MONEY. No money in today’s world is gold or silver, nor does it represent an unquestioned claim upon a stated amount of gold or silver.

Under the present monetary system of the World, everyone is trying to out-smart everyone else, buying and selling goods and services in exchange for fake money. Every human on Earth, practically speaking, is doing his best to cheat his way to wealth or well-being. 

Of course, the vast majority of humans do not want to be cheaters. 

However, humans cheating fellow humans is built into the system of FAKE MONEY. 

Hugo Salinas Price Issues Dire Warning
Under world-wide fake money, humanity is fundamentally at war with itself. 

And a gigantic shooting war will mark the end of our times, as a result of the cheating involved – all because fake money was forced upon humanity.

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