Overnight Glencore’s CEO had some fascinating comments about commodities.

KWN Celente I 7:22:2015Here are the comments that came from Glencore’s CEO, courtesy of Art Cashin:  Overnight And Overseas – Perhaps the key feature overnight comes from Glencore. They had lousy numbers but the CEO said that commodities had bottomed. Given his reputation as a sharp trader that brought a quick response. Many commodities and commodity currencies are higher.

Oil is up on the Glencore comments, Russia’s call for a meeting of all its internal producers and the imminence of a Venezuelan default, which could take them off the market (explain tomorrow). Asian markets a bit better with India red hot. European markets are generally firmer as is the dollar.

King World News note: Below you can see the commodity hedgers position, which is very close to the least bearish posture in the past 5 years.  So perhaps Glencore’s CEO is correct in his assessment that commodities have bottomed.

KWN I 3:1:2016

King World News note:  As an example, the price of natural gas has been battered for many years, and sentiment is now at one of the lowest levels in the past decade.  Maybe commodities such as natural gas and the commodity complex itself have finally bottomed (see chart below).

KWN II 3:1:2016

King World News -Glencore's CEO Comments And What It Means For Gold, Silver And CommoditiesWhat does this mean for gold and silver?
King World News note:  As we have noted, there is a large concentration of commercial short positions in both gold and silver.  This may put pressure on their price action in the short-term.  Having said that, if commodities have finally bottomed, this will mean inflationary pressures will ratchet higher in 2016 and this will be bullish for gold and silver in both the intermediate- and long-term.  This may signal a very good year for both metals in 2016, despite the noise of the pullbacks that will have to be endured along the way.

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