In Defense of Fast Weight Loss

Half of the subjects ate no more than 800 calories per day for 12 weeks. Related: How Family Meals May Help Fight Obesity “Some of the biggest misconceptions about fast weight loss are that it is unhealthy, it causes yo-yo dieting, and that people are more likely to regain more weight than if they lost it slowly,” said Catherine Rolland, PhD, a weight-loss researcher with Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen,

How Your Body Signals That You're Vitamin Deficient

“With today’s diet of processed foods it’s easy to become vitamin deficient — either by not eating enough of the right foods or not absorbing them properly due to digestive issues,” says Dr. Susan Blum, founder of the Blum Center for Health and author of the new book, The Immune System Recovery Plan.

Cheerful? Depressed? The Season in Which You Were Born Might Hold The Key

Your birthday may be to blame for certain personality traits.  Even if you don’t buy into astrology, recent research suggests that the time of year you were born does actually play a big role in who you become. Specifically, your season of birth may be linked to your moods later on in life, according to a new study presented at the European College of CNP Congress in Berlin.  The scientists’

5 Office-Friendly Snacks That Banish the 3pm Slump

Discover some easy snacks to keep in your desk drawer or office fridge that can keep energy meltdowns at bay. Greek Yogurt Feeling sluggish and need to make some big decisions this afternoon? Greek yogurt is also packed with protein, so it will keep you going until dinnertime.   Make sure you’re stocking up on the best yogurt so you’re not accidently taking in a ton of sugar, too! Related: 5 Foods That

Natural cures for athlete's foot

(NaturalNews) If the skin between your toes itches or burns and is red and scaling, you don’t have to resort to over the counter ointments or sprays. There are many choices for natural remedies.From the kitchenApple cider vinegar Garlic Coconut oilAll three of these common kitchen…

What's the best water to drink while on a detox?

(NaturalNews) Earth is the water planet. Oceans, rivers, lakes, streams–water abounds. Unfortunately, most of it is polluted. Our industries use our waterways to dump their waste; industrial farming pollutants leach into waterways and ground water. Even jet fuel is found in our water…

Get Stronger Faster With These Bench-Press Tweaks

Safety first: Hey, guy—you might want to recruit a spotter next time.  Photo: Rubberbanditz/Facebook Of all of the strength exercises out there, the bench press is king. Here’s why: It’s effective, it’s simple, and nearly any gym you enter— from your condo’s tiny weight room to high-end ubergyms— will have at least one bench press station. 1. Take four full seconds to lower the bar While you might think that

Signs You're Not Eating Enough Fat

By: Elizabeth Narins  The whole fat-free diet craze of the 1990s really messed up the way people think about healthy eating. While your activity level, age, and current health status determine exactly how much fat you should eat, the government’s daily allowance for most women is the equivalent of five or six teaspoons of oil from food sources like avocado, peanut butter, nuts, seeds, margarine, mayo, and salad dressing. Because your body

Are You At Risk of Catching Ebola on Public Transportation?

Photo by Joe Raedle/ Yelling, “I have Ebola!” on a bus is apparently the fastest way to spark an FBI manhunt. Although Vinson— who had already developed a low-grade fever —sought CDC permission before taking the flight, CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden said she should never have boarded “because at that point she was in a group of individuals known to have exposure to Ebola.” “In retrospect, I think she should






IBM’s new computer chips will obliterate everything else on the market

What’s the fastest computer chip you can think of? Now, forget about it, because IBM announced it has created the fastest computer chips ever made. The firm’s new chips are four times faster than today’s top-of-the-line silicon, and they’re also significantly more efficient. DON’T MISS: How have you used Netflix this long without knowing these 10 tips and tricks? IBM is investing $3 billion in a private-public partnership with GlobalFoundries to make the new

More than 100 feared dead after Indonesian military plane crashes

By Roni Bintang MEDAN, Indonesia (Reuters) – More than 100 people were feared dead after a military transport plane ploughed into a residential area shortly after take-off in northern Indonesia on Tuesday, in what may be the deadliest accident yet for an air force with a long history of crashes. It looks like there are no survivors,” Air Marshal Agus Supriatna told Metro TV in the Sumatra city of Medan,