With the price of gold surging toward $2,400, take a look at this historic breakout and what it means for the gold market.

Golden Breakout
April 9 (King World News) Graddhy out of Sweden:  Gold has now broken above both blue line and gray box.

This means the secular bull market is now resuming.

This Historic Gold Breakout Is Now Confirmed
We Are Approaching A Mania In The Gold Market

3rd And Final Phase Of Gold Bull Market Has Begun
This also means the 3rd and final bull phase has started.

Plus, the breakout marks the start of a new inflationary wave.

A lifetime opportunity, and threat.

Get prepared…

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Gold vs Stock Market
Graddhy out of Sweden:  This GOLD vs SPX ratio chart has already broken out on a monthly line chart back in early 2023. On the daily time frame though, the breakout is still to come. And when it does, it will mark the tipping point for when big capital will start flowing from stock markets to precious metals in a serious way.

Both have broken out which can be seen at the bottom of the chart below. 

Gold Setting Up To Radically Outperform The Stock Market

A Historical Asset Class Shift
Gold is early in the major cycles, while SPX is very late and extended in the major cycles. This means that gold has fresh energy at this point, while SPX is probably getting tired. And this means in turn that this ratio chart will probably breakout by gold going up, and SPX down. But the ratio could also breakout by both going up, where gold outperforms SPX.

At some point fairly soon, we will see hugely increasing capital flows into commodities, and especially precious metals. It will be like a longer massive afterburner. The combination of persistent big inflation, supply destruction, Yield Curve Control, QE-too-infinity, etc, will blow your socks off if you are not ready.

The historical breakout and asset class shift tipping point is close. Get ready.

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