Below are some mind-blowing charts and comments on inflation, stocks, the economy, rent, interest rates and gold & silver.

There Isn’t A Hope In Hell
June 1 (King World News) –
Albert Edwards,
Former Global Strategist at Société Générale:  Of course there isn’t a hope in hell the plumbing or indeed wider financial stability will hold up under the pressure of higher rates and QT. We have seen that in the last few cycles where ‘normalizing’ rates for the economy, breaks the financial system. Good luck trying though…

One Of The Best Silver Plays In The World Just Became
One Of The Best Gold Play In The World!

Sell The Rally
Otavio Costa:
  Stocks remain just as expensive as they were at the peak of the Tech Bubble. Wait until retail investors realize that “buying the dip” turned into “selling the rally”.

Stocks Are As Expensive Today As They Were
At The Peak Of The Tech Bubble!

Bear Market Rallies
Nautilus Research:
  SPX Waterfall 2008 mechanics.

Eight 5% Countertrend Rallies Took Place
During The 2008 Stock Market Crash

Last Two Times The Economy Rolled Over…
Garic Moran: 
The last two times the economy rolled over, credit spreads widened, and investors/traders got this bearish, the market made significant bottoms. Both of those times, the FED pivoted; this time they are going to begin QT next week.

Fed To Kickoff QT (Quantitive Tightening) Into
Plunging Stock Market Engulfed By Massive Fear

Gold & Silver Turn On Big Volume
Graddhy out of Sweden:
 Gold & Silver – that’s what I can an intraday turn, on big volume…

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They Continue To Surge
Holger Zschaepitz:
 Italy’s 10y yields jump to 3.2%, highest since 2018.

Italian 10 Year Yields Highest Since 2018

URANIUM: Just Getting Started
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  With uranium, we are just getting started really. The real fireworks start above black line. The chart shows that uranium miners have not yet even begun to outperform the uranium price, which is what makes a bull.

Uranium Bull Market Will Begin In Earnest With
Stocks (Outperforming Uranium) Breaking
Out Above Black Dotted Line

The Daily Shot:
  The gap between home prices and wages continues to widen. This was sustainable when mortgage rates dipped below 3%, but not now.

Gap Between Home Prices & Wages Continues To Widen

Another Month, Another Record High
Charlie Bilello:
  US rents hit another new high in May, up 15% over the last year.

Rents Continue To Surge Across The Country

Printing Money Has Consequences
Charlie Bilello: 
Gas prices in the US hit another record high, rising to an average of $4.73 per gallon. A year ago the average price was $3.12 and two years ago the average price was $2.05.

Gas Prices Hit Another All-Time High!

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