With the eyes of the world still waiting to see an outcome in Greece, today the man who said There Is No Deal…Riots And Chaos In Athens warned King World News that all hell is going to break loose and Greece is going to exit the euro.

Michael Pento:  "I was way out on a limb when I said there would be riots and renewed civil unrest in Greece in my KWN interview on February 21.  Unfortunately, rioting and civil unrest have already been breaking out.  But it's important for people to understand that even though what I predicted is transpiring, I was not happy to see the riots taking place.

The picture below is an image of the riots in Greece that were happening within days of my KWN interview.  This image was published by the BBC, which ran a headline warning "Violence in Athens."

KWN Pento I 3:5:2015

Interestingly, the same day I interviewed with King World News I was also interviewed by one of the most prominent international media companies in the world.  For the record, my interview was not published by the prominent international media company because of the dire predictions that I made, but it was published by King World News.

This Is Only The Beginning

Regretfully, what I predicted has already started to come true as you can see from the image above.  We have seen protests in the streets of Athens, and the radical Syriza Party has another party that is even further to the left of Syriza and it's starting to break away from the Greek government.

I feel strongly that, unfortunately, this is just the beginning of the civil unrest because the Greek people feel betrayed by the Syriza government."

Eric King:  "How bad do you expect this situation to get?"

 KWN Pento II 3:5:2015

Pento:  "I think Greece will leave the eurozone.  Either they will leave voluntarily or get kicked out.  We have already heard from Christine Lagarde of the IMF, who said that this is just the beginning of the austerity measures that will be imposed from the troika.

KWN Pento III 3:5:2015

And the deal, which really wasn't a deal at all because it was completely devoid of any specifics, isn't acceptable to the Greek population, the European Commission, the IMF or the ECB.  So as I said from the beginning, there is no deal.  We have already seen the civil unrest start to pick up and this will lead to the Greeks going back to the drachma."

KWN Pento IV 3:5:2015

Greek People Feel Betrayed By Tsipras Government

This is something that I don't want to see happening.  I always pray for peace but the Greek people feel that the Tsipras government committed treason by negotiating a short-term deal with the troika.  So we have already seen the Greek people beginning to protest once again.

KWN Pento VI 3:5:2015

Greek Exit Is The Only Solution

Greece is already mired in a depression but it's going to become a much deeper depression if they live up to the austerity the IMF wants to impose on them through the troika.  That's why I said from the beginning that there cannot be a deal.  The two sides are diametrically opposed to each other and this will lead to Greece exiting the eurozone and all hell breaking loose." ***ALSO JUST RELEASED: Historic Danger Signal Flashing RED, Indicating Stock Markets Finally Set For Massive Plunge! CLICK HERE.

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