With continued chaos across the globe, from hurricanes to the threat of war, many are asking, with the precious metals continuing to surge as the dollar resumes its tumble, what is next for the gold and silver markets?

The Big Picture For Gold: Last 46 Years
September 7 (
King World News) – Below is a long-term chart that should remind all KWN readers around the world to remain patient in the early stages of the latest advance in the gold and silver bull markets.


Note when the dollar had its major legs down within the mega downtrend since 1972,
it coincided with a strong bull market rise in gold, in the 1970s
and in the 2000s
.” — Mary Anne & Pamela Aden

The Bottom Line
King World News note:  The bottom line is that we are in the very early stages of the next leg higher in the gold and silver bull markets.  Remain patient and don’t try to time the market moves.  And whatever you do, don’t lose your position in the early stages of this bull market…

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For those of you who are not fully invested and would like to put more money to work, use weakness to add to physical gold and silver positions as well as the high-quality mining shares.  If you are buying physical gold and silver each month using a dollar-cost averaging program, do not get cute and try to time these markets.  Simply buy the physical gold and silver at the same time each month, regardless of the price action.  This will remove any emotions and will also serve to keep you disciplined in your dollar-cost purchases.  Also, remember to enjoy the ride and not be bothered by volatility.

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