Look at who just warned King World News that “We have created a monster in this country.”

December 18 (King World News) – Dr. Stephen Leeb:  “Eric, I think a lot of the story was told at the most recent Fed Meeting. Everybody came out of this meeting — all of the media — saying that the Fed has finally gotten the message on inflation, they’re finally cracking down. They’re going to be much more hawkish on inflation. Yet if you read if you read the notes the only thing the Fed really did was, this is how they tightened policy, instead of buying at least $95 billion worth of Treasury securities a month, by tightening, they will be at least $60 billion. We never bought securities as a way of tightening credit. The idea of buying securities means you are pumping money. Furthermore, the two key words are ‘at least.

They’re promising to continue to buy at least $60 billion worth of securities every month. This is insane. And the market has responded the stock market has been down, but the bond market has gone up on this news. Yields have gone down since the Fed made this so-called hawkish statement. The Fed may have gone too far. It may be that we are too fare gone at this point. We have created a monster in this country. We are…to continue listening to Stephen Leeb’s forecasts and surprises to expect for 2022 as well as what to expect in the gold market CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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