On the heels of the recent rally in gold and silver, today KWN is reporting on the commercial trading activity in the gold and silver markets.

August 11 (King World News) – This week the commercials covered a few of their short positions in the silver market (see chart below).

Commercial Hedger Activity In Silver (10-year chart)


Below is a long-term 23-year chart of Commercial short positions in the silver market…


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23-Year Chart Of Commercial Trading In Silver


Below is a look at the commercial short positions in the gold market. It showed little change.

Commercial Hedger Activity In Gold (10-year chart)


Below is a long-term 23-year chart of Commercial short positions in the gold market (see chart below).

23-Year Chart Of Commercial Trading In Gold


Although there has been a slight deterioration on the COT, it is positive from a longer-term perspective, particularly in the silver market.  KWN will continue to let our global readers know what is happening with commercial positions in gold and silver.  In the meantime, it will be very interesting to see how both the gold and silver markets trade in the coming weeks.

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