What Rick Rule just uncovered on his European gold and silver tour stunned him.

Eric King:  “Rick, a very interesting time in the gold and silver markets.  We’ve had this weakness in gold as of late, but the shares don’t seem to want to go down all that much.  Can you talk about how you see this unfolding?”

Stunning European Road Trip
Rick Rule:  
“Certainly we are seeing that.  We are seeing broader interest in the gold share market being muted at best, but among the gold constituency, that is among the institutions and the high-net worth retail groups that have been around gold for a while — the ‘gold club’ if you will — the last two months have evidenced very, very strong interest.  The two or three private placements that we’ve done in the last month have sold out and been oversubscribed by a (massive) factor of two or three times.  I was just on an extended road trip, including Europe and South America, and one particular city, Zurich, stands out. I spoke at a conference in Zurich and visited 8 institutional accounts, and I would say this was one of the three best road days I’ve ever spent in Europe in terms of interest in the junior gold mining share market.  If I were a betting man, and as you know I am, Eric, I would suspect that 2018 is going to be…To continue listening to the 2018 predictions of one of the most street-smart pros in the business CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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