There is a big move coming for gold and miners, plus this hasn’t happened in 50 years!

Big Move Coming For Gold & Miners
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  Expecting a very strong move for precious metals and gold miners during this weekly cycle. If you have not done it yet, it is now time to drop the take-profits-quickly decline mindset. It is very common to mess up a strong move by having the wrong mindset. Strategy and mental shape is everything…

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The Daily Shot:
  US online search activity for “housing market crash” has been surging this year. (See chart below).

Searches For “Housing Market Crash”

Another New High
The Daily Shot:
  Dry bulk shipping costs hit a multi-year high. (See chart below).

Shipping Costs Hit New High

The Daily Shot:
  US lumber futures hit a record high as inventories tighten (2nd chart). (See chart below).

Lumber Prices Continue To Soar!

  More than half of major commodity contracts have soared by 50% or more over the past year. That hasn’t happened in 50 years. (See chart below).

This Hasn’t Happened In 50 Years!

Gold Is The Anti-Bubble
Simon Mikhailovich:  An old friend (fully in stocks/bonds but worried) for the first time asked me to explain what I did. His take: Gold? Isn’t it based on someone willing to pay more later? And what if no one wants it? My take: Gold = anti-bubble.

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