This is a must read: Fred Hickey comments on gold, gold stocks and US stock market.

FACT: Gold & Stock Market Negatively Correlated
December 26
King World News
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Fred Hickey gold and the stock market:  
Gold/stocks negatively correlated especially during stock market bear phases:

Aug 2007-’09 gold $650 to $1200+, Jan 2001-’03 gold $260 to $425, Jan 1987-Dec 87 gold $390 to $500+,1973-74 stock massacre-gold+133%, FDR revalued gold 75% higher in 1934. See ’30s DJIA vs Homestake Mining (below).

In 1930s Homestake Mining Skyrockets As Dow Collapses 90%!

Expect Violent Bear Market Rallies
King World News note:  Bear market rallies are incredibly violent, as evidenced by today’s all-time record 1.086 point surge in the Dow…

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After this countertrend rally exhausts itself and the bear market for the Dow, S&P, and Nasdaq, resumes, gold and gold stocks will continue to rise, eventually taking out the all-important $1,400-1,450 level.  After that, $1,800 gold should come very quickly.  This is all part of a major trend shift — stock market lower and gold higher.  Remain patient for now.  If you are accumulating physical gold and silver, use moments of weakness to add to your holdings.  The same can be said of the high-quality mining stocks.

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