Look at the stunning levels of extreme action in gold, silver, U.S. dollar and the stock market post-election.

Below you can see the commercial short interest in the gold market.  The commercials have been decreasing their short position as the price of gold has declined.


Below you can see the sentiment in the gold market, which has reached levels showing extreme pessimism.


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The chart below shows extreme pessimism in the silver market as well.


You can also see that large amounts of money have been flowing out SLV, the silver ETF.


You can also see that the U.S. dollar has now reached levels showing extreme optimism (see chart below).


King World News - Look At The Stunning Levels Of Extreme Action In Gold, Silver, U.S. Dollar And The Stock MarketPublic Becoming More Bullish On Stocks
For those who are interested in the stock market, check out the bullish sentiment chart below that shows the public becoming more bullish on stocks as markets hit new highs.


The bottom line is that post-election market moves have been extreme and may be getting close to a reversal in stocks, the dollar as well as gold and silver.  It would also appear that the endless talk about the commercial short positions in both metals coupled with the bullish advance coming on the heels of a brutal 5-year cyclical bear market is keeping a healthy level of “fear” in the early stages of the newest leg of the bullish advance.  So it will be very interesting to see how gold and silver trade from current levels in the days and weeks ahead.

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