Here is a look at keeping the Ponzi scheme going at all costs, a blast from the past, gold, and another inflation catalyst.

Fed: Keeping The Scam Going At All Costs
September 23 (King World News) – 
Garic Moran:  “This morning Markit reported the 5th month of accelerating inflation and disappointing employment. Stocks soared and Gold tanked. The FED continues to monetize the debt. Why? Their priority continues to support financial assets at all costs. Stagflation is the result.”

A Blast From The Past
Garic Moran:  “1000 PHD’s in economics went to Jackson Hole to figure out how to fix the world economy; yet, not one pointed out the historical fact that the USA grew twice as fast under a Gold standard when 0 PHD’s in economics set interest rates and instead free market capitalism set rates!”

US Dollar Troubles
KWN reader Charles P:
  Adding to what Graddhy said regarding the US dollar. The 610 Fib-WMA does it again. A brick wall couldn’t have done it better. A long view….

Chart Shows US Dollar Hitting A Brick Wall

Now a close-up…

US Dollar Plunging Will Be Major Gold Bull Catalyst

The bearish engulfing candle is going to be the new elephant in the room. Meanwhile, in PM stock space, I notice the PM’s themselves getting what appears to be one last whack but the PM stocks are holding up well. Exciting times!…

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Otavio Costa:
  Relentless. The Baltic Dry index just reached its highest level in 12 years. It’s fascinating how inflation continues to persistently infiltrate the macro environment. That is any central banker’s worst nightmare.

Baltic Shipping Index Hits Highest In 12 Years!

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