One of the greats just warned “The same things is coming to the physical gold market,” plus a look at THE game-changer for the world.

The Same Thing Is Coming To The Physical Gold Market
March 22 (King World News) –
First Squawk:  LME SAYS SECOND RING SESSION ON MARCH 21 IN NICKEL WILL BE DEEMED A DISRUPTED SESSION AND ALL AGREED TRADES WILL BE NULL AND VOID — Simon Mikhailovich says:  The same is coming to the physical gold market and other markets in scarce commodities.

Yen Fallout Will Be The Game-Changer
Albert Edwards, Former Global Strategist at Société Générale:
 Investors will soon discover the importance of the yen slicing below multi-decade support, jumping from the 116 breakout level, to 121 today as the BoJ reaffirm their super-loose policy. The fallout, as this move likely accelerates could be THE game changer.

Yen Break: THE Game-Changer For The World

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“More Risk”
The Daily Shot: 
BofA’s Financial Market Stability Risks Index (based on the bank’s fund manager survey) points to downside risks for the equity market.

All Hell Is About To Break Loose!

The Mother Of All Inflations
King World News: Illustration says we’ve have never had it so bad…

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