With the CNN Fear/Greed Index plunging to a hyper-fear level of 8 last week, today James Dines spoke with King World News about what is going to create a devastating global collapse and a stampede into gold.

It’s A House Of Cards
March 9 (King World News) – James Dines:  
“It’s not in the headlines yet, but big holders of US Treasury bonds have watched interest rates leap from zero percent to 3 percent.  There are trillions of dollars of bonds held by China, Japan, and other nations, using T-Bonds on which to back their own currencies — paper backed by paper.  It’s a house of cards…

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James Dines continues:  “You’ve got a 9-year bull market in the stock market and everything has resulted in the greatest complacency I’ve every witnessed in all my years.  And as the original ‘Bond SuperBear,’ the losses to holders will undermine institutions.  

“The Age Of Debt Without Tears Is Coming To An End”
Debts worldwide, both by governments and individuals, have risen to unsustainable, unpayable levels.  And the age of debt without tears is coming to an end.  This means a lot of those who are unprepared are going to go broke.

Trump Stares Down China
And Trump’s rising tariffs will menace China.  China has been living off of huge American trade deficits of a half trillion dollars a year.  And Trump calls it, openly, ‘unsustainable,’ which to me is a warning.  And without that income, the world’s second largest nation will surely go into recession.  No wonder Mr. Xi wants unlimited tenure now.  Any dictator knows the coming economic cutbacks in China might cause what they call, quaintly, ‘unrest.’

The Stampede Into Gold
We have to keep an eye on what’s going to happen because the stampede into gold (will be one for the record books).  Look, Eric, you’ve been around for a long time.  I was your first interview.  And we’ve seen a lot of gold bull markets — there’s nothing like them.  They dominate the….This is one of James Dines’ best interviews ever and it will be released later today.  In his KWN audio interview Mr. Dines discusses the opportunity in the mining shares.  One of the high-quality companies has seen more than 2.5 million shares purchased by insiders in the past 6 months.  But the prolific insider buying has continued in the past few weeks and insiders have now purchased close to 3 million shares (see purchases highlighted below).

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