With so much chaos taking place around the world, today a man who has been focused on uncovering sensitive government and market information for over 15 years gave what is perhaps the most shocking interview of 2015.  What he had to say will stun King World News readers around the globe.

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Eric King:  “Chris, a study was conducted by the West about how the Nazis systematically looted all the countries they conquered.  It was done through currency manipulation and this became a blueprint for the United States and the West for how they would rule the world, and at the center of all this is the gold market.”

KWN Powell I 5:9:2015

Chris Powell:  “Yes, the U.S. War Department back in 1943 had a monthly intelligence letter called Technical and Tactical Trends.  They devoted the November 1943 edition of the War Department’s letter to a study of Nazi currency policy in occupied Europe.  And the report showed how the looting of Europe was done not mainly at the point of a bayonets as we imagine from the movies.  Instead it was done largely through the rigging of the currency markets….

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Germans Looted Occupied European Countries By Rigging Currency Markets

“The Nazis changed exchange rates in favor of the Reichsmark.  The pre-war exchange rate between the French franc and the reichsmark like one franc to two reichsmarks.  After the Nazis got control of the Bank of France they changed it (the conversion) to something like one reichsmark to 20 francs.

KWN Powell II 5:9:2015

The result of this was to draw all industrial and agricultural production out of occupied France and into Germany and nothing flowed back.  The Nazis in eastern Europe, where there were not sophisticated banking systems, rigged the currency markets by issuing special occupation currency that could be used only in the occupied countries but was invalid in Germany itself.  

Again, the effect of this rigging of the currency markets was to make sure that all production flowed from the occupied zones into Germany but nothing flowed back.  And for 4 or 5 years Germany ran an incredible balance of trade deficit.

KWN Powell III 5:9:2015

U.S. Now Running Massive Trade Deficit, Just As Nazi Germany Did

Well, who else is doing that today?  The United States gets away with its balance of trade deficits because we print the reserve currency and we control the currency markets through rigging.  It’s really the primary mechanism of imperialism.  The Nazis did it and now the United States is doing it with the help of its Western allies.”

Eric King:  “You said (to me) previously that "nobody can trade against a central bank."  They (central banks) have the power to create fiat money (virtually) without limit and we lose free markets when they engage in such things.  But 60-year market veteran, Ron Rosen, told KWN that in the end Mother Nature is in control of these markets.  And as far as the gold market goes, the abuse that’s taken place there at the hands of Western central planners is coming to an end and this is only going to end one way and that’s with gold skyrocketing.”

King World News - Is This The Most Shocking Interview Of 2015?

A Terrifying Endgame For Those Trying To Escape The Financial System

Chris Powell:  “I would like to think so because that implies a return to a (free) market system.  But I don’t think that’s the only way it could end.  I think it could continue into ever-increasing amounts of financial repression — capital controls, currency controls, and the private possession of monetary gold could be outlawed again.

I don’t think governments are going to give up easily.  If the gold market (the gold price) is ever liberated, then governments and central banks are going to lose power.  They will fight to the end for this power.

They can shut markets down.  They can outlaw certain financial instruments.  They can outlaw possession of gold.  They can confiscate gold.  They can throw people in jail as terrorists just because they want to get out of the financial system.  We may end up with a totalitarian system (in the West) when the metal runs out.”

Eric King:  “Chris, what’s the hope that you see going forward?”

Chris Powell:  “My hope is that the market-rigging will be defeated by the foreign and economic policies of other countries.  Any country that has a substantial foreign exchange surplus right now could pull the plug on it (the U.S. scheme) at any time by dumping U.S. Treasuries and other dollar-denominated assets and buying gold.  That would be an act of economic war and one country may resort to it.

KWN Powell IV 5:9:2015

Henry Kissinger – Control Of The Gold Price Is Control Of The World

Certainly China and Russia know, as the United States knows according to the State Department’s own archives, that control of the gold price is control of the world.  Control of the gold price is control of the currency markets. That was set out very plainly in a meeting in Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s office in April of 1974.  The minutes of that meeting are on the internet site of the historian of the (U.S.) State Department. 

I am sure that Russia knows that and I’m sure that China knows that.  And if China and Russia want to maintain their sovereignty or even exert a lot more power on the world stage, all they need to do is obtain enough gold and revalue it upward when it serves their purposes.” KWN has now released the remarkable audio interview with Chris Powell, where he discusses more shocking and sensitive government and market information that he has uncovered and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

KWN Powell Mp3 5:10:2015

***Also, KWN has now released the remarkable audio interview with Andrew Maguire, where he discusses a major surprise that China has for the gold market and a major shock that the bullion banks are preparing for right now, and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

KWN MAGUIRE MP3 5:9:2015

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