This is why the price of gold absolutely has to explode higher.

September 25 (King World News) – Eric King:  “Stephen, we were just discussing the fascinating charts we published on King World News. One chart from the 1970s shows the pattern of rising gold, rising interest rates. The other two charts were from the mid-2000s and 2019-today. I would encourage everybody to look carefully at those charts. There is also silver vs the S&P 500. Your thoughts after looking at those charts.”

Dr. Stephen Leeb:  “In the 1970s, you had an incredible move in gold. In fact, gold compounded annually during that decade on the level of (greater than) 30% a year. It was incredible. Gold went from $35 to $850. And it was in the face of rising interest rates, that’s absolutely true.

1970s: Shows Gold Surging (WHITE LINE) Along
With Interest Rates Until 1980 When Volcker
Raised Interest Rates To 20% (ORANGE LINE)

But also true is that real interest rates were negative for a lot of that time. That’s important because once real interest rates are negative it means that gold is a better investment than the dollar. Negative interest rates helped explain what went on in the 1970s, and that makes what’s happening today ultra, ultra odd because not only do we have negative real interest rates but real interest rates are more negative now than…to continue listening to this timely audio interview CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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