With everyone focused on the upcoming Fed decision on interest rates, today King World News thought it was a good idea to take a step back and look at the big picture.  This led to a fascinating question:  Is the gold market about to see a jaw-dropping 70 year breakout?

King World News note:  The long term Gold/Oil Ratio has broken out once again to the upside and is now very close to resistance at the 30 level.  A breach of the 30 level will send the ratio to the final resistance at 33 (see chart below).

70-Year Gold/Oil RatioKWN MacroTrends I 12:8:2015

Eventually the 33 level will be taken out on the upside, it’s just a question of, when?  If you take a careful look at the chart you will notice that the Gold/Oil Ratio fell to all-time lows during the 2005 – 2008 time frame.  Thus, the ratio is now simply going to extremes in the other direction, which means the 33 level will be breached on the upside at some point.  Gold is definitely showing strength, particularly in the face of a commodity sector that has been decimated, as it nears a jaw-dropping 70 year breakout.

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