Investors around the world need to buckle up because this will definitely end in tears.

Are We There Yet?
July 11 (King World News) – SentimenTrader:  NASDAQ Optimism Index’s 3 month average is at the highest level since 2000 (see below).

NASDAQ Optimism At Highest Level Since 2000!

It Has ALL Been Tech
This rally is ALL tech. While 76% of NASDAQ 100 members are above their 200 day moving average, less than 40% of S&P members are above their 200 day moving average. Tech is trying to lift up the index, other stocks aren’t participating. This has pushed the gap in breadth to an all-time high. Worrisome? (See below).

All-Time Record Percentage Difference
Between NASDAQ And S&P Stocks
Above 200 Day Moving Average!

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Greyerz – This Will End In Disaster
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