On the heels of stocks markets around the world plunging to end the week, today the top trends forecaster in the world spoke with King World News about the wild trading action and also warned, "Who knows, maybe the end is near."

Eric King:  “We’ve said for some time that you can’t print your way to prosperity.  Now we see the global economy is really starting to roll over.  There is serious trouble in China, the U.S. is weakening and this is rippling across the globe.”

Gerald Celente:  “It is.  Again, the only reason the markets have been propped up is because of these record low interest rates that have allowed the big companies to buy back stock, and the merger and acquisition activities.  That’s the only thing driving the markets.  So why are the markets down (on Friday)?….

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“It’s because of China.  You see what’s happening with the Shanghai and the Hang Seng.  The Chinese announced after the markets closed that they were increasing margins.  You saw the ETFs trading down some 5 percent after the markets closed.

They Hope Things Will Cool Off

This was on a Friday, so they hope by Monday things will cool off and sometimes that works.  Look at what happened in the (United) States back when they announced the unemployment numbers.  They expected an increase of about 250,000 jobs, and (only) about half of that came in.  But by the time Monday came around that was forgotten and that took the edge off of it.  Will it (the global stock market selloff) ease by Monday?  We’ll see.

Look at all the QE that has been juicing the markets around the world.  Take Abenomics, for example —  it has failed.  How come?  They dumped in trillions of yen and all it did was help the equity markets hit new highs.  But you see a downgrade for Japanese economic growth to some 1.5 percent for the first quarter.  This is despite trillions of yen dumped into the markets.

Only The Ponzi Players Win

The only thing this does in every country is boost the equity markets at the cost of the average person.  When you look at real incomes and wage growth, they are on a decline around the world (in industrialized countries).  So the only ones who are benefitting from it are the Ponzi players.  This (unprecedented monetary experiment) has never been done before in the history of the world.  And you know these Ponzi schemes come to an end at one point or another.  Who knows, maybe the end is near?” Gerald Celente's remarkable audio interview has now been released.  The snippets above are just a tiny portion of his outstanding audio.  Celente discusses the coming financial implosion, gold, as well as what suprises to expect for the rest of 2015 and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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