If you are still worried about the action in the gold and silver markets, take a look at this…

July 22 (King World News) – Graddhy out of Sweden:  Gold is backtesting a 9 year enormous cup since the top back in 2011-12. That is not the time to be impatient and yell the latest drop is a “disaster” and “the pm bull is over.” The pm bull is very much alive. This is a normal decline within a large bottoming pattern.

XAU (Mining Stock Index) vs Gold
My long standing, ultimate long term chart showing Gold & Silver miners vs Gold is now backtesting. This ratio chart is rising in a pm bull and I am expecting it to make new all-time highs during this bull market.

To hear Sean Boyd discuss $3,000 gold and the big game-changer
for the gold market 

HUI (Mining Stock Index)
This chart for HUI is one of the most stylish big picture charts in the pm space. A gorgeous massive blue channel with perfect hits, perfect cycles fit, and clear impulse moves plus consolidations. Pretty much picture perfect really. Love it.

Canadian Stocks To Radically Outperform S&P500
This chart has smaller Canadian companies vs general equities. Shows the long term potential pretty well in the resource sector going forward. When this ratio moves up, CDNX is outperforming SPX. And up to the red line top means a factor of 10x.

If You Want To Be Great, Be Right And Sit Tight
If you want to be great at trading/investing, as with most desirable things in life, there is no short cut. You just have to put in the time and push through the pain, until you emerge on the other side with enough of everything. Most though do not have the stamina for it.  
King World News note:  As Richard Russell used to say, “Bull markets take as few riders with them as possible. Very few people can hold on for the entire duration of the bull market because they can’t stomach the gut-wrenching corrections.” So “just be right and sit tight” as Jesse Livermore instructed.

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