On the heels of the silver market being handed the 11th loss in the last 12 trading days, here is where things stand…

From Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader:  
Silver keeps getting pounded. Perhaps triggered by the selling of a record number of speculative longs (taking the opposite side of hedgers’ trades) in silver futures, the metal has suffered a unique bout of selling over the past two weeks. It has managed only a single gain, and that was just barely. Since 1980, there were only four similar bouts of such concentrated selling (2000-10-26, 2000-11-22, 2001-02-09, and 2015-03-11)…

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Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader continues:  Silver has also closed below its lower Bollinger Band for the past 5 days, the 15th time that happened. Over the next month, it rallied 10 times, averaging 3%. The persistence of the selling has usually coincided with short-term exhaustion but there are still a whole lot of speculative longs that are in danger of being liquidated.

King World News note: Times like these are always very difficult for investors in the silver market as well as the gold market. The tide always turns, it’s just very difficult to say exactly when that will take place. Until then, it is very important for investors to exercise patience in the face of what are extremely frustrating circumstances. The upside reward will be worth the wait.

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