Egon von Greyerz warned the U.S. has a huge problem, plus a stunning big picture look at silver.

Huge Problem Facing The US
July 26 (King World News) –
Egon von Greyerz:  When Paul Volcker was raising rates, the US public debt was below $900B, not the current $30 TRILLION. Our deficit-to-GDP level was only 2%. TODAY, our debt-to-GDP ratio is over 125% and our deficit ratio is approaching 7%. Math, facts and debt are stubborn things, no?…

Listen to the greatest Egon von Greyerz audio interview ever

Recession Watch
Charlie Bilello:
  The last 8 recessions in the US were preceded by an inversion of the 10-year and 3-month Treasury yields. We’re now only 19 bps away…

More Confirmation Of US Economic Problems

Depression Is On The Way
Garic Moran:
  There is no such thing as a shallow recession with $90T in Total Credit Market Debt Outstanding. Now that the economy is contracting & the everything credit cycle has busted it is all downhill from here. Depression is on the way unless the FED reverses course.

Big Picture For Silver
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  The weekend is the time for very big picture charts. But, I think we need this one now mid-week. It is the largest, legit looking cup & handle I have ever seen. It WILL break out and go a very long way. Never forget the very big picture.

Massive Multi-Decade Silver Cup & Handle
Formation Shows Silver Price Will Vault
Far Above $50 All-Time High

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