Gold is shining once again as it nears a new all-time high, plus look at these two collapses and it’s not banks.

Gold Is Truly Shining
May 3 (
King World News) – 
Otavio Costa:
  Gold now on the verge of breaking out to record levels.

Do you know what else is about to do the same?

Not the S&P 500
Not Nasdaq
Not Bitcoin
Not Treasuries
Not sovereign bonds
Not corporate bonds
Not TIPs
Not megacaps
Not small caps
Not Ethereum
Not the dollar
Not the euro
Not the yen
Not oil
Not EM

Not other commodities

Gold Shining Brightly Once Again During Global Crisis

Wall Of Worry
Graddhy out of Sweden: 
A big wall of worry is in place for precious metals, which is what we want to see now. With gold making its huge 8 year cycle low only 7 months ago, downside should be very limited. And commodities, making a 48-year bear market low back in 2020, is now a bullet train. got gold..?…

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Reversing the Excesses
Charlie Bilello:  
The US Money Supply has fallen 4% over the last 12 months, the largest year-over-year decline on record (note: M2 data goes back to 1959).

Collapse #1:
Money Supply In Free Fall

Lumber Liquidation
Charlie Bilello:  
Lumber futures are at their lowest levels since June 2020, down 80% from the peak in May 2021.

Collapse #2:
Lumber Liquidation: 80% Off Sale

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