Here is a look at gold, silver, commodities and the one chart that says it all…

February 23 (
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Graddhy out of Sweden:  XAGWCU shows silver priced in the major FIAT currencies, i.e. shows the collected FIAT picture for silver.  Sitting right below the neckline for a 13-year inverse head & shoulders.  The odds strongly favour a breakout.

Silver Priced In World Fiat Currencies Is Coiling For A Historic Upside Breakout

Gold & Commodities
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  I am not a permabull cause I post bullish big picture commodities charts.

Or a goldbug cause I am bullish gold in a resumed secular bull.

No, commodities are simply in a new super-cycle bull market, and I am just trying to help people get on the bandwagon.

Commodities Preparing To Massively Outperform Dow Jones

This Chart Says It All
Graddhy out of Sweden:  Fighting inflation has never been a priority.

75-Year Chart: US CPI, M2, SPX & Gold

From this chart, we can see that:

🔹Fighting inflation as such has never been a priority

🔹M2 is starting to go parabolic

🔹Gold always catches up with M2 and CPI

🔹Stock market is a function of the currency supply

🔹It all started when Nixon disconnected USD from gold

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