It is always important to focus on the big picture when it comes to the gold market.

August 15 (King World News) – Below is a longer term chart of the HUI Gold Mining Index. It is always important to step back and focus on the big picture when there is volatility taking place in a market. The big picture remains extremely bullish.

Since Peaking In 2011 And Bottoming In 2016 The HUI Gold Mining Index Has Put In A Series Of Higher Highs And Higher Lows. This Pattern Is A Very Bullish Upward Structure.

The high-quality mining stocks remain under accumulation which is why you are seeing higher highs and, recently, another higher low. This pattern is a very bullish structure and is typical in the early stages of what will eventually be a massive and lengthy bull market. For investors, remain patient and continue to accumulate the high-quality stocks on weakness. The same is true for physical gold and silver. Keep accumulating on any weakness and remain patient.

Also of importance…

The Beginning Of Something Important
King World News note:  The chart below is a fantastic highlight of Northern Superior Resources. This exploration stock is trading completely against the short-term downtrend of the XAU and HUI because the fundamentals of the company continue to improve. These are the types of stocks the smart money accumulates because when the turn in the sector takes place this is the the type of stock that will outperform the rest of the mining and exploration sector. Northern Superior Resources stock symbol in Canada is SUP and in the US it is NSUPF.

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