Underneath relatively calm closes, there was quite a bit of turmoil in global markets. Here is a look at the gold pullback, a Brave New World, silver could go straight to $20, and why it may be 1929 all over again.

A Brave New World
July 25 (King World News) – Lawrence McDonald, Former Head of Macro Strategy Societe Generale:  “Negative out to 50 Years: The entire Switzerland yield curve has now fallen into negative territory as 50-year yields fall below 0% for the first time since August 2016.”

Say It Isn’t So
Holger Zschaepitz:
  “ECB’s Draghi: Inflation expectations have declined. Says significant monetary stimulus is needed. Risks to economic outlook still tilted to downside. (See chart below).

SAY IT ISN’T SO: “Significant Stimulus Is Needed” As Economic Risks Still Tilted To Downside

1929 All Over Again?
John Hussman:
  “Our estimate of 12-year prospective returns for a conventional portfolio mix (60% S&P 500, 30% Treasury bonds, 10% Tbills) is now down to 0.46%. The single week in history with a lower estimated prospective return was August 26, 1929 at the market peak. Just FYI. (See chart below).

GREAT DEPRESSION II? The Only Comparison Dates Back To August 26, 1929 At The Market Peak

Gold Pulls Back
Jeroen Blokland:
  “Gold tumbles as rates rise after nuanced message from Draghi. ECB still likely to cut rates and start QE, however. (See chart below).

Gold Pulls Back As It Consolidates Recent Gains

After Failing For 10 Years…
Sven Henrich:
  “After having failed reaching inflation targets for 10 years in a row maybe, just maybe, central bankers don’t know what they’re doing. But let’s wait another 10 years to reach a definitive conclusion.”

Silver Could Go Straight To $20
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  “Get the feeling that silver is forming a bullish rising wedge right on the neckline for my double bottom, which would be a running correction. Very bullish normally and if so, even extra bullish here as it sits right on a large neckline. We could go straight to 20. (See charts below).

Despite Pullback, Silver Could Go Straight To $20

Silver Weekly Chart Also Bullish After Breakout

This Ignited Gold Before Pulling Back
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