After another wild day of trading in global markets where bonds soared and stocks plunged, gold is heading onward and upward, plus a break of this key level will cause gold bears to throw in the towel.

A Break Of This Level And Gold Bears Will Throw In The Towel
March 5 (
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Peter Schiff:  “Gold is only down about 1% from the $1,690 high that it hit on Feb. 24th. In contrast since then the GDX and GDXJ are down about 7% and 12% respectively. Once gold breaks through $1,700 I think the gold bears will throw in the towel and gold stocks will finally catch a bid.”

GOLD: Onward And Upward
Top Citi analyst Tom Fitzpatrick:  “The 76.4% pullback level at $1,715 still looks likely to be hit followed by $1,796 and then the all time high at $1,921.

NEXT TARGET FOR GOLD: $1,796 Then $1,921

The recent fall in Gold looks to be more a function of “throwing out the baby with the bathwater” as increased volatility leads to higher VAR and risk reduction. When this happens profitable trades/hedges get cut as well as the losses. However renewed concerns, lower nominal and real yields and potentially a weaker USD should all support a further rally in Gold from here.”

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