Here is a look at gold, QE infinity, plus look at what just hit a 5-year high!

July 23 (
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Peter Schiff:  “Gold is selling off because a government shutdown is being averted as a result of suspending the debt ceiling, repealing prior efforts to restrain spending, and recklessly increasing the debt to spend more on welfare and warfare. Such profligacy makes gold an even better buy!”…

One of the great gold opportunities in the U.S. and you can take a look at this company and listen to the fantastic interview with the man who runs it by CLICKING HERE OR BELOW


Jeroen Blokland:
  “Wow! UK industrial sector sentiment concerning total order volume collapsed to the lowest level since April 2010. (See chart below).

Wow! UK Industrial Sentiment Just Collapsed

5-Year High!
Adam Tooze:
  “Iron ore has jumped 65 per cent to a five-year high above $120 a tonne. At that level miners like Rio are making $100 for every tonne they dig out of the ground! (See chart below).

Iron-Ore Skyrockets 65% To A 5-Year High!

QE Infinity
Holger Zschaepitz:
  “QE infinity: The era of quantitative tightening by major central banks is proving to be short lived. Net bond purchases by Fed, ECB and BoJ will swing back above zero from Sep. (See chart below).

QE Infinity About To Kickoff With Fed, ECB & BoJ Leading The Way

Bill Fleckenstein discusses in detail what investors should be doing now after the surge in gold, silver and the shares as well as the discussing the action in gold and silver and what to expect next in his KWN audio interview and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

Gold & Silver, Debt Ceiling, Plus One Hell Of A Collapse
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