Despite recent weakness, is this chart signaling a major blastoff is coming of the gold and silver sector?

Blastoff Close At Hand?
March 9 (King World News) – What you are looking at below is a chart of the HUI/Gold Ratio.

HUI/Gold Ratio Huge Divergence…Very Bullish For Mining Stocks!

You can see that the last time there was a bullish divergence similar to the one we are seeing now (right hand side of the chart), the HUI had a very large outperformance vs gold.  You can see the outperformance on a similar set of divergences November to December 2016 time frame (left hand side of the chart).  If the setup unfolds in a similar fashion, the mining stocks should be ready to launch higher very soon…

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Despite the games being played in the paper markets, there are extremely powerful bullish formations on a medium- to long-term basis in the gold and silver markets.  These powerful formations should soon put an end to the paper games and finally usher in a major breakout in the gold and silver markets, and yes, shares of the high-quality mining companies will dramatically outperform the metals.

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