On the heels of the massive breakout in the gold market last week, here is what the violent trading will look like going forward.

GOLD BREAKOUT: You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet
June 23 (King World News) – Fred Hickey of the High Tech Strategist:  Gold’s breakout happened so fast this week, I’m trying to get my head around it. This GDXJ (Gold Mining) ETF chart I put together helped. Current move in the miners (GDX chart looks similar) on far right is barely a blip compared to the big move in 2016 when gold topped at around $1370. (See chart below).

You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet: Compare Recent First Leg Higher In Mining Stocks To The Massive Launch In 2016! And The Price Of Gold Is Higher Today!

Expect Violent Trading & Brief Pullbacks: 2016 Nothing Compared To Today
There will certainly be pullbacks – however in 2016 they were very brief before miners took off (spiked again). Likely just getting started. In 2016 Fed was NOT about to cut rates & stock market had sold off during 2016’s big first 1/2 gold move. 2019 stock market selloff is ahead of us.

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One of the most important interviews of 2019…

Gold Will Spike To $1,700 In A Matter Of Months
Michael Oliver:  “We’re in a major situation in gold.  It happens that right now we are sitting on an explosive situation in gold and gold stocks.  I suspect that by the end of the year we will see at least $1,700 gold.  But by no means is that the end of the move…To continue listening to one of the most important interviews of 2019 CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

Michael Oliver worked directly with the Chairman of the COMEX in the 1970s bull market in gold and silver and he also called the 1987 stock market crash!

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