Yesterday’s algo driven selloff failed as gold surged today, plus miners are positioned for a major bull market.

We Are Lucky Bastards
October 14 (King World News) – Graddhy out of Sweden: 
This long standing, pretty outrageous, ultimate long term chart is still holding its own, meaning miners are not dropping here vs gold. As said, we are just lucky bastards being here at this point in time. It is going to blow your socks off. (See chart below).

Miners Early Stages Of A Major Bull Market
Trading Strong Regardless Of Gold Movements

Miners Are Positioned For A Major Bull Market
Otavio Costa: 
Keep in mind, folks: If the precious metals industry were a sector… It would have the cleanest balance sheet of them all. The one and only industry with real fundamental improvement today. Median FCF for the top 20 miners more than doubled in the last 12 months. (See chart below).

Miners Have Some Of The Strongest
Balance Sheets In The World

Gold Algo Driven Selloff Fails As Gold Surges
Fred Hickey:
  Foiled again. After yesterday’s algo-driven, dollar correlated gold selloff, futures traders last night made another try (near-straight down line job) at breaking $1875 support. No dollar move to explain it. However, closest traders could get was $1882 before gold rallied and gold’s now $1908. 
Now US dollar is taking it on the chin again – as it should given US massive twin deficits (trade & budget), weak economy, and upcoming election uncertainties. Has the potential to be a very good day for gold, silver and the miners.

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Gold & Silver, Plus Inflation Worries And Real Estate
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