Things are crumbling rapidly as the rule of law breaks down in the West, in particular in markets. Expect more controls as the entire system faces disorder. Plus miners are surging strongly as silver hits $25.50.

What A Travesty Markets Have Become
March 21 (King World News) – Email from 
Eric King:  Egon and Matthew, what a bunch of crap this is regarding the LME and bankster crooks. By the way, as the article notes, Hong Kong (aka China) owns the LME, so is it really any surprise they unwound all of the losing trades? What a travesty markets have become.

Reply from Egon von Greyerz at Matterhorn Asset Management (based in Switzerland):  Hi Eric

The whole system is scandalous. How can banks like JP MORGAN and BNP allow positions of this magnitude. They should have gone under in 2008 and they most probably will when the derivatives bubble blow up.

All the best,

Reply from Matthew Piepenburg at Matterhorn Asset Management:  Sadly, nothing new under the sun…years of artificial metal shorts and pathetic transparency are the norm rather than exception. Total legalized OTC price control, which Nickel just embarrassed. Things are crumbling, which means the crooks will get even more crooked before the house of cards falls—it’s either or chaos or more controls, and for now, expect more controls as the entire system faces a new financial (dis)order.

Travesty indeed.

Mining Stocks vs Gold
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  My very big picture, long standing ratio chart showing precious metals miners vs gold is starting to move up from the blue backtest. This is a very good sign for pm miners. Expecting this ratio to make new highs in this bull market.

Mining Stocks Ready For Major Upside Surge!

Almost Too Perfect
Graddhy out of Sweden:  
The volume for spot Gold & Silver grew massively from the expected breakouts up to the highs, and then the volume fell massively during the expected daily cycle decline. And the daily cycle bottomed on the very day when it was expected. All textbook really. Almost too perfect…

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More “Transitory” Inflation
Holger Zschaepitz: 
Good Morning from Germany where inflation pressures intensify even before the war in Ukraine, which will push prices up a lot further. German PPI jumps 25.9% YoY in Feb. This was the highest increase ever since the start of the stats in 1949. PPI ex-energy rose 12.4% YoY.

German Inflation Skyrockets 25.9% Year-Over-Year!

Money Pouring Into Gold ETFs
Fred Hickey:
  Gold is correcting after a steep $250+ runup (close to a record high) in just five weeks’ time. That’s a healthy development. Meanwhile, money continues to pour into the gold ETF’s, including the giant GLD, which has added nearly 100 tons (10%) YTD and 12 tons over last 2 days. Another 9 tons added to GLD [Friday]. 21 tons over the last 3 days.

Inflation Crushing Consumers And Profits
Stephanie Pomboy: 
Hmmmmm. If only someone had seen this coming. S&P earnings per share estimates broadly (and consumer discretionary particularly) are going to come down big time. And as they always do, stocks will follow. No liquidity + no earnings = bad combination.

Consumers On Their Knees Because Of Inflation

Also of importance…

A Silver Behemoth
SantaCruz Silver Completes Glencore Asset Acquisition

Arturo Prestamo Elizondo, Executive Chairman of SantaCruz Silver, stated:

The Transaction elevates the Company into a multi asset producer and is accretive with the future cash flows of the mines financing the acquisition. We have been working closely with Glencore and the Bolivian government to ensure a smooth transition while the mines have generated sufficient cash flow to decrease the initial US$20 million upfront consideration down to US$12,011,148, which will be paid by Santacruz to Glencore within 30 days of closing and will be paid from working capital. We look forward to elevating Santacruz into a leading mid-tier silver producer while generating value for all stakeholders.”

Carlos Silva, CEO of SantaCruz Silver, stated:

“This is a significant acquisition for Santacruz that creates a leading mid-tier silver producer in the Americas. We are very pleased to team up with a great group of professionals in Bolivia, where Glencore has performed extraordinary work while achieving very high standards in terms of responsible mining practices and their commitment to responsible business and community relations. We will ensure that this excellent legacy continues in the coming years.” SantaCruz Silver, symbol SCZ in Canada and SZSMF in the US.

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