With so many people unemployed around the world, particularly in industrial nations, further complicating the already bleak unemployment prospects it now appears that the global elite are moving to make human beings obsolete.  Also included below are 4 of the most shocking charts of 2015!

The following charts are from the Wall Street Journal.  The first chart below from WSJ shows the number of industrial robots in operation worldwide, in thousands.  Notice the dramatic increase in the use of robots that is expected by the year 2017.

KWN WSJ I.5 6:7:2015

Meanwhile, the second chart below from from WSJ shows the number of industrial robots per 10,000 manufacturing employees.  As you can see, South Korea leads the world in the ratio of industrial robots vs manufacturing employees, with Japan and Germany behind them.

KWN WSJ II 6:7:2015

The third chart below from WSJ shows that the largest number of industrial robots are in Japan, with the United States in second place.  China, South Korea and Germany are in a virtual tie for third place.

KWN WSJ III.5 6:7:2015

The fourth chart below from WSJ shows the breakdown of the use of industrial robots by industry in the United States.

KWN WSJ IV 6:7:2015

There is no question that this will all end badly, it's just a question of how much human suffering will take place as human beings begin to be viewed as disposable by the major corporations that run the world? To subscribe to the Wall Street Journal CLICK HERE.

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