Here is a look at more “transitory inflation,” extreme levels, great timing and doing God’s work.

More “Transitory Inflation”
June 30 (King World News) – The Daily Shot: 
US steel prices are surging (see chart below).

More “Transitory Inflation” As Steel
Prices Continue To Skyrocket!

Free Money Means People Don’t Want To Work
The Daily Shot: 
Based on corporate earnings call transcripts, US companies’ concerns about labor shortages are at extreme levels (see chart below).

Concerns About Labor Shortages At Extreme Levels

Home Prices Continue To Soar
The Daily Shot: 
The US FHFA home price index shows a gain of 15.7% vs. April of 2020. Home prices are rapidly outpacing wages (2nd chart). (See below).

Home Price Appreciation Crushes 2005/2006 Record!

Home Prices Rapidly Outpacing Wages

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Doing God’s Work
Albert Edwards, Former Global Strategist at Société Générale:
  “The Central Banks are still actively robbing the 99%. This time around huge fiscal transfers are covering up that theft…And they wonder why the 99% rage with anger.”

Great Timing
Otavio Costa:
  We don’t get setups like this very often. (See chart below).

“We Don’t Get (Bullish) Setups Like This Very Often.”

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