Today the top trends forecaster in the world shared with King World News his shocking global predictions for 2023.

January 4 (King World News) – Gerald Celente:  Below are the top trends for 2023. 

WW III: Kyiv rang in the new year with another major missile attack on Russia… using weaponry supplied by the United States and NATO. In December, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited the White House and got assurances from President Joe Biden that the U.S. will provide weapons that cross Russia’s “red line.”

The U.S. is not in a proxy war against Russia, it is at war, as we have greatly detailed in The Trends Journal since the war began on 24 February 2022. In fact, WW III has begun. A nuclear exchange and/or a major false flag event will make it “official.”

Adding to the fire of war, tensions are ramping up between Washington and China regarding Taiwan, which U.S. President Joe Biden has pledged U.S. forces would defend if “… there was an unprecedented attack” on the island by China.

MARKET MELTDOWN: In December, The Trends Journal warned that if there was not a Santa Claus Rally, U.S. equity markets would not have a Happy New Year. In 2022, equities had their worst year since the Panic of ’08. What’s next, how low will it go, who will win and who will lose? Here is our Trend Forecast…

AGING POWER: Tech Bros beware: 2023 is the year that the fundamental value that older Americans bring to the table is finally given the attention it deserves. The old saying is that youth is “wasted on the young.” And with Aging Power, the wisdom of old age will not be “wasted on the old.” Here are some of the megatrends shaping the advancement of society’s graying population…

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DIRTY CASH TO DIGITAL CASH: Imagine a world where your city, state and federal government could find out every single one of your purchases by tracing your digital cash payments? And imagine they had the ability to suspend you from your account based on a political statement or taking part in a vaccine-mandate protest, like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau implemented during the Trucker’s Freedom Rally. This year, governments are going to keep up the effort to launch their own digital cash so they know every penny you spent, where, when and what you spent it on so they can not only surveil your personal life… but also get every tax dollar they can steal from you.

AI: WE OWN YOU: The Trends Journal has documented the technological advancements that Artificial Intelligence has made in nearly every facet of our lives. As a test, our Trends Journal (human) artist extraordinaire Anthony Freda gave a ChatGPT AI bot the task of writing “a 250 word article proposing solutions to ending the Ukraine War in 2023 written in the style of Gerald Celente.” The outcome might send a chill down the backs of every news writer in the country.

CLIMATE CHANGE. GOING GREEN. LIKE IT OR NOT: This will be the OnTrendpreneur® opportunity of the century. Stung by high energy costs and commitments to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, cities, states and nations are rolling out plans for renewable energy, wind-turbines, new-nuclear power, etc. Despite backlash from the public on how to achieve these goals and the negative implications, this trend will continue to accelerate. The Ukraine War has–and will–speed up this transition as sanctions on Russian oil will keep energy prices high.

OFFICE BUILDING BUST: We warned about this when the COVID War was launched in 2020 and now it is becoming a reality. Once-bustling office towers in the heart of major cities across the U.S. are empty shells ever since our “leaders” decided to lock down the economy to prevent COVID-19 infections. Workers who were used to long commutes and annoying co-workers got a glimpse of how life can be while working from home and want nothing to do with office work again. Things will only get worse for landlords who will face higher interest rates. Get ready for a real estate collapse that will be the worst in modern history.

MIDDLE EAST MELTDOWN: The Ukraine War has served as a distraction from the dismal prospects for the Middle East in 2023. Israel continues to carry out bombing campaigns in Syria, Benjamin Netanyahu’s extreme “right wing” government has sent chills throughout the country and around the world. Now the U.S. is aligning with Israel to put more pressure on bringing down Iran… economically and politically. Should this escalate, as we detail, the implications will be physically and economically deadly…

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COLLEGE CRASH: Can’t afford it, and it’s not worth it. That’s the growing sentiment among the college-age population. Once-upon-a-time, for many Americans, a college education meant securing–at the minimum–a comfortable life in the middle class… with a chance to go upper class. But with tuitions across the country outpacing incomes, and so many online learning tools at your fingertips, young Americans are turning away from these institutions… where will they go, what will they do? The answer may be right in front of you.

ANTI-WAR MOVEMENT: Angered by the U.S. and NATO to spend well over $100 billion to keep the Ukraine War going–while economies falter and inflation rises–the anti-war movement will ignite in 2023. For example, a recent poll showed nearly half of Americans surveyed want Washington to stop pushing for more war in Ukraine and start pushing for Kyiv to sit down for peace negotiations, even if it means giving up land to Russia to achieve an end to the fighting. That percentage will only grow this year as the war rages on, economies go down and the cost of living keeps rising.

WAR AND HATE: As evidenced by the Ukrainian flags waving across America and the hundred billion dollars plus in weapons and financial aid Washington and NATO have sent to Ukraine to defeat the Russians, hatred of peace and freedom dominates the political and mainstream machines… while both perpetuate hatred and endless war. As noted during the Christmas holiday–which is to celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace–speaking of peace is censored in America.

ANTI-IMMIGRATION: Europe is dealing with a refugee crisis that it cannot handle thanks to tanking economies and a Ukrainian War that sent millions of people fleeing for their lives. America’s southern border is also flooding over with refugees. Across Africa, migrants are escaping poverty, government corruption, crime, and violence. Get ready for anti-immigration movements to sweep across Europe, Australia, and the United States, which will give rise to populist political candidates.

ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT, NEW POLITICAL PARTIES: All war, no peace. That has been the message from the establishment media last year and–judging from the recent billion-dollar bills passed in Washington–the Western propaganda will only increase in support of Ukraine. The constant propaganda will become apparent, thus giving rise to new anti-establishment, anti-war, anti-immigration, anti-tax political parties springing up across the globe.

HOMELESS SOLUTION: Another year, another wasted opportunity for cities to implement Gerald Celente’s “Homeless Solution,” a common-sense approach to a crisis that would touch the lives of over 500,000 Americans on any given night. The plan, when distilled, calls for homeless individuals to be given the opportunity to escape these cities and enter rural facilities run on the model of Boys Town, the famous village in Nebraska. Mayors and their allies in the status-quo media have ignored the plan to the detriment of thousands of people. But as the economies go down and homeless populations rise the Homeless Solution will become a positive trend of the future.

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