Everything is packed: Hotels, stores, restaurants, airports. How is this possible?

Credit Cards, Revenge Spending, WTF?
November 23 (King World News) – 
Black Swan:  It’s very odd because inflation is crazy, housing is collapsing, stocks and bonds down, credit card debt setting records… yet every store, hotel and restaurant packed to the gills. Airport packed, etc.

From A Frequent Business Traveler
Wally Cummins: 
Recently I’ve been to a lot of different areas.. everything is packed. Went to a hotel design group gala in Manhattan on Monday night and a Ducks Unlimited banquet last night in Mississippi. Money being spent like it grows on a Cathie Wood money tree everywhere in between.

Warning Flag
Albert Edwards: 
I am hearing louder voices suggesting the US might even avoid a recession in the light of the Atlanta Fed GDP Nowcast of 4%+ for Q4 GDP. To those saying this, look at the chart below and ask yourself, “Am feeling lucky (punk)?” It’s going to be deep and it’s going to be ugly.

This Economic Implosion Is Going To Be Deep And It’s Going To Be Ugly

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Enormous Opportunity
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  The very big picture charts I post shows the ENORMOUS opportunity for the rest of this glorious commodities bull market. My price targets for the bull are still the same as when I called the start of the bull:

Gold $10,000
Silver $370
Oil $250-300

M2 Money Supply
Charlie Bilello: 
Since 1959, the US Money Supply (M2) has gone up each and every year, with the 0.3% increase in 1994 the smallest and the 25% increase in 2020 the largest. 2022 is on pace to be the first calendar year in which the Money Supply has fallen in the last 60+ years, down 0.3% YTD.

It Can’t Last Forever
Charlie Bilello: 
The US Money Supply decreased 1.5% over the last 7 months, the largest decline over a 7-month period on record (note: M2 data goes back to 1959).

M2 Money Supply Rate Of Change

Betting Against The Streak
The Daily Shot: 
Fund managers are boosting their bets against the greenback.

Fund Managers Making Huge Bets Against The US Dollar

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