On the heels of a wild week where the Fed left interest rates unchanged and the U.S. jobs release sent the Dow back above 20,000, top trends forecaster in the world Gerald Celente told King World News that Victor Sperandeo is right, there will be “absolute f*cking chaos” across the globe.

Eric King:  “Gerald, the KWN the interview with Victor Sperandeo, who used to work with Leon Cooperman and George Soros, is going incredibly viral.  Sperandeo warned that within a couple of months there is going to be ‘absolute,’ and he used an expletive here, ‘f*cking chaos’ around the world.  This guy is extremely well-connected, he has a fantastic reputation, he’s made a lot of money for a lot of people, and he oversees more than $3 billion.  What are your thoughts on what Sperandeo had to say?”

We Are Going To See Chaos
Gerald Celente:  
“Look, if Sperandeo is correct, we are gong to see the ‘f*cking chaos’ that he is talking about, and it’s going to be global…  

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And it’s not (sometime) in the future, it’s (directly) in front of us.  Sperandeo is right on target. And one of the things he said was:

“The populist movement, which are people who have been f*cked, are moving away from the globalist movement.”

King World News - Gerald Celente - Sperandeo Is Right, There Will Be ‘Absolute F*cking Chaos’ Across The Globe“I’ve Never Seen A Situation Like This”
This is what we’ve been writing about.  People are tired of globalization and multi-nationalization that has robbed them of their future.  So what we are saying is that it’s a global breakup happening in front of everybody’s eyes.  And yes, there’s going to be chaos.  That’s why we are bullish on gold.  
He’s 100 percent right.  Everything that Victor Sperandeo is saying I agree with.  But it’s bigger than that.  This is global.  It’s rippling around the world.  I’ve never seen a situation like this one since I’ve been forecasting trends going back to 1980…To continue listening to the powerful KWN audio interview with top trends forecaster in the world Gerald Celente CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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