Today billionaire Eric Sprott’s business partner warned that the global monetary system is breathing its last breaths.

Eric King:  “John, people will email King World News and ask, ‘What about a guy like John Embry?  Where does he have his money?  Does John have his money in the sector or not?’  Of course we are pretty good friends and so I know you are pretty much all in on this stuff.  Your single largest holding is Wesdome Gold.  I know you have a ton of these high-quality companies in your portfolio but how many shares of Wesdome Gold do you own?”

John Embry:  “I own around 4.5 million shares and the stock is trading at $2.48 Canadian.”

Eric King:  “We’re talking over $11 million (Canadian).  So when people wonder, ‘Does John Embry just talk the talk or does he walk the walk?’  You’re in this stuff (aggressively).  You’ve got your money in it.”

John Embry:  “It’s more than that.  Every single asset I own represents a hard asset.  I’m primarily in physical (gold and silver) bullion.  I also own good quality gold and silver stocks, a little exposure to oil, and I own real estate in good locations.  And obviously I own exposure in my company Sprott Inc.”

Eric King:  “John, you and I have our money in this sector and in other hard assets.  We’re not just telling people to do this with their money — we have our money in this stuff.”

John Embry:  “I believe firmly in ‘hard’ money.  I think the pure fiat currency system we’ve been on for over 45 years is breathing its last breaths, and it’s just a matter of how long it takes to expire.  And when it does expire, the prices that Egon von Greyerz and Stephen Leeb talk about for gold and silver will be realized. And it’s not the value of…To continue listening to the extraordinary interview with John Embry CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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